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porcelain pitcher process
Decorative Large Pitcher

All my larger works are thrown as sectional pieces. Unlike throwing from a large ball of clay as a whole which has its own set of problems. Like the large bottle vase, I weighed out six pounds of clay for both sections and threw the base. This was allowed to set for a couple of days due to its form, the other half can easily cave the bottom.
Once ready, it is scored and moistened before the top half is thrown on the spot. This is aligned and worked to seal both halves, with additional alteration to open the mouth of the pitcher. By this point the clay needs to set for a time before the spout is made as the walls are too wet and delicate. I didn't take a heat gun to this pot.
The spout was simple work, but the handle was hand pulled from another ball of clay. Once the handle was long enough I let it sit to dry for a moment, as with any handle for a mug or serving dish. The attachment point on the pitcher is scored and moistened and then merged with the handle. The points are smoothed out to prevent the two from popping away, and then covered with plastic to avoid drying to fast.