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porcelain bottle tall throwing wheel
Large Bottle Vase in Creation

Creating these larger pieces requires multiple steps to complete rather than throwing in my case. This crystalline bottle started off as a eight inch bottom piece, given a slight thick bottom for stability. After letting it set for a night for the clay to be leather hard, I threw the next piece on a seperate bat. The bottom piece is scored and moistened before applying the thrown cylinder. Once the two pieces are positioned, the attachment point is rethrown to seal the halves. Now normally its best to let this sit again to dry out to leather hard, but for this I used a heat gun to dry the top piece enough to continue again.
I repeat this process another two times, with the top piece given a little work to make the bottle neck. Working with Aardvark B-mix, this clay can dry out fast and ruin a project like this. Before I can call this greenware or dry enough to bisque, I'll wrap up the bottom and middle to slowly dry.