chrome tin red porcelain

Nathaneal Huffman has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, with a focus in Ceramics. He has been the student of Louis Katz, Gregory Tegarden, and Kenneth Rosier in previous ceramic classes. He has a concentration in functional pottery. He produces numerous functional and decorative pieces from drinking cups to sectional vases. He also hand carves some of his pottery, with a focus on dragons, mythological creatures, and sea creatures.The clay bodies he has worked with are high-fire stoneware and porcelain. He now works in a fully functional home studio in Portland,Texas. He uses a gas kiln for bisque firing and glaze firing to cone 9. He continues to test and develop numerous glazes and forms in this setting.

Every piece is hand thrown by the artist, and all glazes are handmade. His pottery is designed to be used as functional or decorative ware.

For the latest news about my pottery, please go to my Facebook page: Nathaneal Huffman Pottery.